Lectures and Presentations

Zoriah devotes a portion of each year to lecturing and presenting to universities, institutions, conferences and at political events. For universities, a typical itinerary consists of two days of presentations to multiple departments followed by a public, multi-departmental lecture. The presentations can be tailored in length and subject matter to each department and the multidepartmental lecture currently consist of a thirty minute slideshow showcasing recent work from Iraq, Gaza, Afghanistan, Lebanon, the Asian Earthquake and the Tsunami. The lecture touches on many subjects including the art of visual storytelling, the current state of the media and my own thoughts on documenting life in conflict. For more information on Zoriah please click here.

Zoriah also lectures extensively on freedom of press issues and being one of the only journalists to publish photographs of dead U.S. service members during the entire Iraq war. His photographs for the New York Times brought on an international debate on the sanitization of war and his images resulted in his being barred from reporting in certain areas in Iraq.

For University lectures, it is recommended that several departments share costs. The presentations can be catered towards the following programs as well as others: Photography, Photojournalism, Media Studies, Communications, Journalism, Social Studies, Gender Studies, Middle Eastern Studies, Current Affairs, Muslim Studies, Geography, African Studies, Poli Sci, Asian Studies, World Politics, Visual Arts and many, more...


What Professors, students, photographers and journalists are saying:

About lectures, the images contained in the presentation and about Zoriah

"...I greatly enjoyed your Monday lunch presentation and your Monday afternoon public llecture. I've already gotten rave reviews back from one of my colleagues -- you really connected with the students and got them fired up. Visit us again."

Eric Freedman - Pulitzer Prize for Journalism 1994, Fulbright Scholar, MSU Journalism Department


“Zoriah's presentation is extraordinarily powerful.  He presents, with many photographs, a side of the Iraq War that Americans never see elsewhere.”

Dean Lawrence Velvel - Dean of the MassachusettsSchool of Law, Andover


"Having you as our guest was an honour and a pleasure. Your experience and expertiese brought into the light aspects of work of a photographer that are rarely discussed and often overlooked by the public."

ZuzannaFiminska - Amsterdam University, The Netherlands


"I just wanted to say thins for coming to meet with our Webster students, great talk and great workshop!"

Professor Kristian Skeie - Webster University, Geneva


"Thanks again for your unique contributions--all so important to the success of Peace Works.  The students are still buzzing about it all."

Cindy Corrie - Founder of the Rachel Corrie Foundation and organizer of thePeace Works Conference


"After years of trying to effuse my students with an activist spirit, it is a real joy to see them working for peace in Okinawa and the World.  Okinawa would seem an environment where peace studies should naturally flourish, but it was not until exposure to you and your work that my students strongly responded.  I am thrilled to see the legacy of your work on my suddenly eager students.  Many thanks and keep up your good works."

Mark Aleshnick, Professor, Okinawa Polytechnic College, Japan


"Wonderful work! Thanks for letting us see your wonderful images."

Alice Arnold, Fulbright Scholar, Hunter College, New York, NY


"I wanted to thank you for presenting during my classes. Your photographs exhibit an artist's eye and a humanitarian's heart. I have great affection for freshmen, who still possess the energy and enthusiasm for activism that I fear college pounds out of them by the time they graduate. I wanted you to know that you created a real buzz among them. You showed them a broader world they suspect is out there but that no one much shows them anymore."

Bonnie Bucqueroux - National Magazine Award winning journalist, MSU Journalism Department


"Having you as our guest was an honour and a pleasure. Your experience and expertiese brought into the light aspects of the work of a photographer that are rarely discussed and often overlooked by the public."

Zuzanna Fiminska and Maximilia Lande - Who's In Town Lecture Series, Amsterdam University


"Your photo's are truly inspirational to a person who is just starting to define themselves in this field. Some of the situations you have been through and the multiple awards you've collected prove that you are pushing your field."

Andy Partridge Birmingham City University (UCE)


"I cant believe (these images)...I am still looking at your pictures and they are amazing. I know that the situation (where you work) is so difficult and there are so many problems...your pictures show that. It is wonderful that someone is worried about these things and show them. Thanks again."

Jose Angel, Student USC


"Thank YOU for coming and talking about so many things last night. It must have been very inspiring to my students. Also thank you for speaking slowly and clearly so that my students can understand. I learned a lot from your photos myself."

Saito Shinya, Professor and FounderShinya Institute, Japan


"I was blown away by your workyour images, they have the most amazing color quality. I've only been able to produce something like that in perfect outdoor light with a film slr. how do you get yourself into the situations to take such pictures?"

Natasha Klemek, Student, Waldorf School


"Congratulations on your noble work and thanks for your time..."

Jeremy Whitaker, Evergreen State College


"Powerful, beautiful and disturbing images as always. (A friend) said it was an amazing experience for her and another friend - they had to take a coffee break to gather themselves and debrief half way through. I love the power of art."

Adriane Greenwood, Founder of Morepraxis, Australia


"I am totally speechless!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I really dont know what to say, how to begin or from where to begin. I visited your website, it is so rich with different kinds of information and pictures. To be honest, some pictures made me feel so sad and angry. I believe that people around the world really need to see such pictures, to see humans suffering without food, clothes, homes, security and happiness. I always wonder if this kind of thing affects people in America or Europe? Again, I want to thank you so much for being here to do your job..."

Mohd I. A. Rujailah, Student, Islamic University of Gaza, Palestine


"Everyone should have to experience what you are seeing every day, Zoriah. This way we would see war realistically, as it truly is, and be made to consider with great care what we are asking our best and bravest to do."

Snerdinski, Flickr Photos


"Thank you for coming to the class and providing some really good imagery for the students to connect to."

Bilal Butt , Geography and African Studies Department, MSU


"I...was very impressed with your work. What provocative photos you've done. Really beautiful - what the Italians would call "suggestivi." i.e. thought full and provocative. Beautiful.

Bill Burton, Italy


"Your photos have such a terrible beauty about them it almost hurts to look at them. I didn't look at all of them, actually, it was too overwhelming, just the vastness and the enormity of the suffering and the beauty in them, it's like you can't get your mind around it.

Jen Shykula, Union Organizer, Washington DC


"You are amazing! i send a lot of people toyour site and everybody says the same thing."

Will, Tuscan AZ


"Your photos of Gaza brought back many memories -- my heart breaks when I see the young boy in front of the lockers looking so defeated."

Karen Linehan Executive Director Friends of UNRWA Association, Inc.


"Being responsible for international sales at Reporters, I’ve seen quite a number of portfolios already, as you might imagine. It’s not easy to find work that sticks out, but yours certainly did.You combine a fine journalistic sense with a very humanistic approach..."

Wim Van Cappellen, Senior Editor, Reporter Press Agency

"(Your) pictures are very moving. I need to admit that most often I look at things like this with little problem. There are other times though that I find my heart racing and my mind filled with a sort of anxiety... I guess that is a bit of a compliment as your photos capture not only the image, but the feelings that accompany them, at least for those of us who were there."

Kenneth Taylor, M.D. Surgery, 28th CSH (Baghdad ER)


"I (was) extremely moved by your portfolio...Your work is amazing and meaningful."

Becky Anderson, Student, Edmonton, Alberta Canada


"Your photo documentation is superb. I enjoyed conversing with you."

Gary Anderson, Ramallah. West Bank Palestine


"I am really thankful that you have been in touch with me ... I saw you last time at my school in Gaza. Please send some more photos...Hassan is telling you hi...he told me now he believe in miracles!"

Tamer El-Nakhal, Student, Gaza, Palestine


"I'm touched by your website and CV."

Barb and Leslie Stephens, Colorado, USA


"I have been keeping up with your work and never cease to me amazed by the powerful images. What you are doing, though difficult, is wonderful."

Rebecca Richards Bullen, Associate Director TVbyGIRLS


"Zoriah, I really enjoyed the images that you have on your site. They are very poignant and moving, I only hope to be able to create the emotion that you produce with your images. I cannot imagine dealing with some of the things that you have seen in your journeys."

Roddy Johnson, Photographer


"These are amazing.  We are so impressed and so thankful for your talents.  Everyone here continues to rave about your photos. Thanks for sharing your eyes with us! You are so good to us."

Robin List, MSW, Development Officer, Project Angel Heart


"These are fantastic photos."

Sandy, Program Director, Project Angel Heart


"I am thinking I will change my major to photojournalism, it was great to talk to you."

Mizue Torik, Student


"You are an expert in photographing crisis and disasters , social issues, humanity and you have years of experience in this field...Once again, thank you for your time."

Edwin Nong, Student, John Moores University, Liverpool


"I greatly admire you and the work that you have done. I am fascinated by what you doing and am seriously considering taking up a career in this field. Thank you for everything you doing..."

Zuleiga Gassiep, Student, Johannesburg South Africa


(Letter to filmmaker Michael Moore) “Congratulations on yet another fine film ! I have been inspired by yourself and other great documentarians such as James Nachtwey, Zoriah, James Miller and others who switched my focus from narrative film making into documentary photography and video nearly a year ago…"

James Rhodes, Student


"So real. This is so sad, but I want to thank you for your photos. You have shown one side of the war that the media will not show us. The News only tells names, which does not do the soldiers justice... So again, Thank you."

Anonymous, Warshooter


"Incredible shots,"

PMP, United States


"Superb photography - a world class photojournalist."

The Visual Conscience Online


"I can't imagine the pressure within the operating rooms (Baghdad ER Series.) Thank you for the chance glimpse inside and share those intense as well as sacred moments with those soldiers. It was a very moving series of photographs and a non flinching look at the reality of the front line of the war in Iraq."

James Rhodes, Student


"EXTREMELY powerful, but then again, your work is incredible. Thank you for risking so much to bring the truth. In solidarity, It's great to see your continued amazing work, and to know you're still alive, which is not always a guarantee with what you do."

Dr Dahlia Wasfi, Political Activist, LiberateThis.com


"This is really great work and I think it really show what the cost of freedom is!"

Al Amman, Mexico


"This story is shocking, gripping and quite unsettling. Awesome."

Abigail Morgan, United States


"That's intense. How on earth do you get into those places? God bless you baby, you are awesome."

Beth Sanders, Photographer


"Thank you Zoriah. You do important work. Very powerful. Certainly tells an intense story."

Jon Emanuel, Project Angel Heart


Love our work.

Juan Diaz, Denver Pro Photo


"Zoriah...WOW...amazing images..."

Michael Luongo,Travel Writer and Photographer


"The interview that I passed in got the best grade in the entire class and my teacher wants to publish it in the local paper and I was told he liked it so much that it will be used as an example for the rest of his academic career which is amazing. So I want to thank you for the interview."

Jordon Aguirre, Student


"These are important images."

Alice Arnold, Filmmaker


"Your photos always astound and impress me."

Valerie Rzepka, Humanitarian Nurse


"Very compelling photos, which show the reality of war! Well done."

Major John Heil, US Army


"You're quite an exceptional person, and I wish you all the best."

Tom Spooner, UK


"Really nice pics...awsome, powerful images. Congrats."

Tariq Saleh, Journalist, La Independant, Brazil



Zandy Mangold, Photographer


"You have great talent."

Betty Donovan, Social Worker


"As always your work is really great. I don't know how you were able to shoot that!"

Jessica Bajoros, Artist


"Your new work is extraordinary and powerful. Thank you for sharing"

Syrie Moskovitcz, Photographer


"What amazing work! I am very impressed."

Thierry Tinacci, Lightmediation


"I am speechless!"

Cubbie, flickr


"Your writing is a powerful addition to the photos. Great shots in a chaotic environment."

Anna Weaver, flickr


"you are a man after my own heart. all of your photos are done with excellent taste to tell a story, a great story that must be told."

Unknown, Flickr


"I saw your site too, and your work is fantastic! congrats and nice to meet you!



"I'm breathless. photography at its best. thanks for your great work."

Looking 4 Poetry


"I'm truly inspired by your work. Only yesterday did I stumble upon zoriah.com and it totally blew me away. I can only imagine what youve encountered and experienced. Keep up the great work!"

Christopher, Photographer


"Wow. Every time i see shots like these, it makes me restless… I want to do work like this."

Scott, United Kingdom


"Superb photography - a world class photojournalist."

The Visual Conscience


"I was browsing your site again for inspiration / motivation. I must say that I really admire what youve been doing. When I read of all the work youve done and the experiences youve lived it gets me geared up to get my ass out of park and start movin...Practice at being a better humanitarian."

Christopher Line, Photographer


"I am in awe of the people that put their lives in jeopardy to bring us the visions of war......so thank you again I love your photographs and website. Pure emotion.... Thank you for bringing the world to my office through your work."

Mark, United States


"Excellent work, I can only imagine the stories behind the camera."

John Flanagan, United States


"What amazing work! I am very impressed."

Thierry Tinacci, France


"In some ways I feel that you are doing the work that I should be doing. You are so lucky to have a sense of purpose and destiny and to have the opportunity to fulfill it. We often mention you in our conversations with friends and we are doing our best to build a legend around you."

Aaron and Graziela Eidelson, Australia


I love your photos!!!

Gabitul, Qatar